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Re: Fitzgerald


We are asked to hold fire on Fitzgerald’s efforts thus far, but told that there’s enough information to have indicted Rove? Well, then, indict. I see it differently. If Fitzgerald thought he had enough information to indict, I assume he would. But then he has to defend his case. And my reading of the public information suggests it’s a very weak case. If the focus is this email, which Rove’s lawyer turned over to the grand jury, and which Rove didn’t initially recall — which email corroborates Rove’s story regarding Cooper and Plame — that’s about the weakest perjury and false statements case one can imagine. I suspect this is why Fitzgerald hasn’t charged. But apparently he won’t let go. And unless there’s something more, this is where I take issue with this kind of investigation. As to Andy’s point that Fitzgerald was magnanimous in allowing Rove to return to the grand jury and discuss the email, that also benefits the prosecution. I assume Fitzgerald wouldn’t want to bring a case that’s so weak as to be embarrassing.


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