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The Press Conference


What I resent about this press conference is the effort by Fitzgerald to paint Lewis Libby as outing a cover CIA operative, jeopardize national security, and harm CIA recruitment. As many times as I have now read this indictment, I see obstruction, perjury and false statements. I see no charges relating to any of this rhetoric. And so we now have some news reports claiming that Libby outed a CIA agent when, in fact, as a matter of law, he’s not even charged with that. As for the recitation of facts in the indictment, they will now be put to the test by defense counsel, who will have an opportunity to question the government’s witnesses (including Miller and Cooper), talk to their own witnesses, and conduct other discovery. People need to understand that this is just the first salvo.

As for Karl Rove, he will continue to wait, hope and pray.


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