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Iran Demonstrations, Pro and Con


Last night in Rome, an estimated fifteen thousand Italian Christians, Jews and Muslims participated in an exuberant candle-light demonstration in support of Israel, and against the repeated statements of Iranian leaders, calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. For those who believe that the Iranian people somehow support this founding member of the Axis of Evil, have a look at this report from Tehran, where the regime called for a massive demonstration of support for the mullahs and condemnation of Italy:

Teheran (AsiaNews) – A few dozen people: this was how many “students” the
Iranian government managed to mobilize outside the Italian embassy in
Teheran, in response to a manifestation set to take place this afternoon in
Rome to refute President Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s declaration that Israel should
be wiped off the map. A peaceful demonstration which lasted less than two
hours; the police were out in force and their presence kept in check
demonstrators, who contented themselves with lining the sides of the street
where the diplomatic office is situated, so as not to block the traffic.

The Iranians, as they do so often, demonstsrated with their feet. They walked the other way. And yet not one leader in the Western world will stand up, call for an end to the theocratic fascist regime in Iran, and give real support to the tens of millions of Iranians who want its downfall.


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