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Things That Make You Go Hmm...


Here again are the sex-related questions that the California first, third and fifth graders involved in that Ninth Circuit lawsuit were asked to consider; specifically, they were asked to rate how much they thought about these specific topics:

a. “Touching my private parts too much.”

b. “Thinking about having sex”

c. “Thinking about touching other people’s private parts.”

d. “Thinking about sex when I don’t want to.”

e. “Washing myself because I feel dirty on the inside.”

f. “Not trusting people because they might want sex.”

g. “Getting scared or upset when I think about sex.”

h. “Having sex feelings in my body.”

i. “Can’t stop thinking about sex.”

j. “Getting upset when people talk about sex.” It occurs to me that if my boss were to call me into her office and ask me these very same questions, I would almost certainly have grounds for a harrassment lawsuit. But if my children were asked the same things in their elementary school by a researcher, tough noogies. I know there are probably good legal reasons for this, but still, isn’t this more than a little insane?


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