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Moveon -- by The Numbers

Text now claims to have far exceeded its goal of 500,000 signatures on a “emergency petition” calling for the Senate to reject Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. After the original goal was set at 250,000 and then raised several times, MoveOn says 524,521 people have signed the petition. However, if several people from whom I have received emails recently are giving me accurate information, some of those email signatures have come from nonsensical made-up addresses (things like [email protected]) and others from names and addresses derived from juvenile jokes. None appear to have been rejected as unreliable; it appears that the phony responses were counted in MoveOn’s total. Now, there is no question that MoveOn is a big organization which can generate thousands of responses to email appeals — that is how it got started. But there appear to be real questions about the validity of the numbers MoveOn cites to support its campaigns: Are they really what MoveOn says they are?