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Where The Wmds Are


Here’s a fascinating piece from today’s Financial Times about stockpiles of weapons in Russia. The US is helping pay to secure and destroy these relics of the Soviet era. That’s a good idea, but then there’s this:

“The US has spent $10m (€8.5m, £6m) on beefing up security at the Shchuchye base. Nearly $2bn, from donors including the UK, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and, above all, the US, is going into a vast destruction plant 15km away. The plant was due to be operating by now, but the start of construction was delayed by Russian money shortages and bureaucratic footdragging, and a three-year delay getting US Congress to approve funding.”

A three-year delay? They were too busy voting for projects like Don Young’s bridge, I suppose.

What a joke.