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Gop Sour Mood


From Hotline synopsis of its new poll:

GOP Cold Front

For months, Pres. Bush has been plagued by polls showing his lowest ever approval rating. But what hadn’t faltered was Bush’s support among GOPers, until now. The latest Diageo/Hotline poll (conducted by Financial Dynamics) reveals some cracks in the GOP foundation.

– 60% of voters think the nation is on the wrong track and 41% of GOPers agree; that GOP “wrong track” number is the highest we’ve recorded. The previous GOPer “wrong track” high was 29% in Oct.

– GOPers “strongly” approving of Bush’s job has dropped to 37%, the lowest since this poll began, in Jan., down from 59% in 3/05.

– Asked why voters disapprove of Bush, the top reason is Iraq. This is also the top reason among GOPers (34%).

– Pluralities agree both Cheney (49%) and Rumsfeld (46%) do more to hurt Bush than help, 72% say Rice “mostly helps.”

– This admin-wide disapproval is seeping into Congress w/26% saying they will replace their current Rep., up from 19% last month. Among GOPers alone it increased from 10% to 26%.


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