They’Re Going to Be So Angry At The Hague

by Clifford D. May

India is accelerating the construction of a 2,500-mile fence to seal its border with its Muslim neighbor, Bangladesh. Didn’t the International Court of Justice say (to Israel) that such passive security measures were illegal – and much more objectionable than oh, say, sending suicide-bombers to play at weddings and bar mitzvahs?

Seriously, moderate Bangladesh is under intense pressure from al-Qaeda types to adopt a more radical interpretation of Islam. Grenade and bomb explosions have killed 30 and injured hundreds over the past year. On August 17, 28 bombs went off in Dhaka alone “and the targets included the prime minister’s office, the police headquarters and the supreme court. Leaflets found at the bomb sites declared: ‘It is time to implement Islamic law in Bangladesh’ and ‘Bush and Blair be warned and get out of Muslim countries.’”

Should the U.S. be defeated in Iraq, it has to be expected that Bangladesh would give in to the intimidation. It would be clear to them — and everyone else — who the real superpower is, and who it is not.

India just wants to be prepared.

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