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Fundraising Update


The latest from PoliticalMoneyLine shows Republicans with leads in nearly all categories. But in some cases, the margins are not as big as they used to be, and in the case of the Senate fundraising race, the numbers show that top Democratic fundraiser Charles Schumer is pursuing contributions with the same energy that he pursues TV cameras, which is not good news for the GOP.

Receipts 10/1/05 to 10/31/05:

Republican Natl Cmte $7,576,417
Democratic Natl Cmte $5,224,453

National Republican Congressional Cmte $4,210,410
Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $1,582,746

National Republican Senatorial Campaign Cmte $2,350,853
National Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte $3,030,580

Cash on hand 10/31/05:

RNC $34,391,493
DNC $ 6,100,267

NRCC $19,073,987
DCCC $10,676,909 (also $2,266,667 in debts)

RSCC $ 9,127,833
DSCC $20,588,392


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