Dead or Alive, Unwelcome

by James S. Robbins

For those interested in the full text of the letter to King Abdullah from the Al-Khalayilah/Bani Hasan tribes expelling Zarqawi, here it is:

“We pledge to uphold our allegiance to your throne and our beloved Jordan, and sacrifice what we hold dear for you. We clearly denounce all terrorist acts and operations claimed by the so-called Ahmad Fadil Nazzal al-Khalayilah, alias Abu-Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, and openly declare that we, the Al-Khalayilah tribesmen, disown him and renounce his actions, pronouncements, and whatever he approves of. Whoever dares to commit such acts in our exalted kingdom is not a Jordanian. He is not related to Jordan, has never drunk its water, or sought its shade, because a Jordanian does not aim his arrow at his own people. We disown him until judgment day.”

I hear tell Zarqawi’s spinmeisters are preparing a response asking “How dare you question my patriotism!”

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