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Fox News Analyst Stays Atop Dailykos Popularity Poll


Readers of the DailyKos — more than 11,000 of them — have participated in a straw poll of 2008 Democratic presidential contenders. And the winner is…retired general and Fox News analyst Wesley Clark, who has topped every Kos poll since June. But Clark fell from 34 percent in September to 26 percent now. Second place went to the war-opposing Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, whose 19 percent is unchanged since September. The big change is the rise of Virginia governor Mark Warner, who jumped from four percent in September to 14 percent now on the strength of the Democratic victory in the recent governor’s race. John Edwards is at 12 percent, and Hillary Clinton is at six percent — down from eight percent in September, which was down from ten percent in June. A note by Kos founder Markos Moulitsas reflected continuing unhappiness with Mrs. Clinton: “Hillary Clinton is increasingly aligned with the ’stay the course’ in Iraq faction of the party,” he wrote. “And the longer she stays in that group, the more nakedly political her inevitable flip in favor of withdrawal will look.”


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