by Clifford D. May

I spent the whole day Tuesday at Central Command in Tampa – touring, talking, getting briefed.

It was absolutely fascinating; smart people, brave people, dedicated people — the kind of warriors (yes, warriors) a great nation ought to have.

Actually, everyone I met was not American. There are representatives here from 62 nations – all the countries that are members of the U.S. coalition, from Denmark to Slovakia to Poland to Pakistan to Mongolia.

In what used to be a big parking lot, their trailers are neatly lined up in rows – flags flying from the roofs. It’s kind of like the UN except, of course, it’s not corrupt and anti-American. BTW, the trailers are used only for offices – I wouldn’t want you to think that all these foreign soldiers were living large in their double-wides.

My take-away: America’s fighting men and women do not want to be saying in five years, “You know, we could have won that war in Iraq but the politicians in Washington wouldn’t let us.”

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