Pro-Life Carpool Lanes

by Steven F. Hayward

This dust-up over whether expectant mothers can drive in HOV lanes has an old pedigree out in California. I believe L.A. was the first city to have “diamond lanes” (as they were originally called) back in the mid-1970s, when Gov. Moonbeam decided to stop building roads in the state and get us out of our cars. (Small, but fun, trivia point: the first diamond lane on the Santa Monica freeway was briefly halted by a judge when a conservative group–I think it was the Pacific Legal Foundation–filed suit that the state Dept. of Transportation hadn’t performed an environmental impact statement for the carpool lane.) Anyway, I recall a story making the local news about a pregnant woman pulled over for driving “alone” in the diamond lane who talked her way out of the ticket by reference to her unborn child. No one read much into it at the time, but with the deepening currents on this issue it is not surprising that now such an episode immediately becomes a metaphysical controversy.

P.S. By the way–yes, I will once again be barbecuing an upside down turkey tomorrow here in DC, even though the weatherman is threatening snow showers and cold temps.

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