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“The Rock” Survives Ied Blast


I’ve just learned that during an operation near Baghdad, this morning, one of our armored vehicles – a brand new one unofficially referred to as “The Rock” – was hit by an IED. The vehicle sustained no major damage, and – best of all – ZERO injuries were suffered by passengers or crew.

I first reported on “The Rock” earlier this month at and elsewhere. It is being manufactured by Kuwait-based Granite Global Services which was founded in the spring of 2004 by SEAL Reservist Chris Berman, then-working for Blackwater Security. Berman started the company after four of his Blackwater buddies were ambushed and killed in Fallajuh. After escorting all four bodies home, Berman decided to build a heavily armored, ultra-fast (the thing can cruise at 80 mph), gun-bristling, urban-warfare vehicle that would save passenger lives in combat. His first truck rolled off the line in June. It’s been shot at a lot, but no ball-round ammunition can penetrate its armor.
Today it was hit by an IED for the first time, and Berman emailed me saying, “I must brag when it is this good.”


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