You Be The Judge

by Clifford D. May

Was Andrea Mitchell telling the truth when she said it was “widely known among those of us who cover the intelligence community” that Joe Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA?

Or is she telling the truth now when she says she was “muddled” and knew nothing about Wilson’s wife?

Possible motive for her suddenly muddled memory: Who wants to be questioned by the FBI? Who wants a subpoena? Who wants to hire a lawyer and face a grand jury? Who wants to rat out a source or go to jail to protect one?

If, as Mitchell first suggested, the world on the street – and perhaps the word whispered by Joe Wilson himself – was that the Ambassador’s wife worked at Langley, does that get Scooter Libby off the hook? No – not if he didn’t tell the truth to a grand jury. But it would suggest there was no underlying crime; and it would suggest a very different story line from that which Wilson and his many MSM allies have been alleging for the past couple of years.

Just One Minute has the transcript of Mitchell on Imus, Mitchell’s earlier interview and some insightful commentary.

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