[Spoiler Alert:] Harry Potter

by Richard Brookhiser

I saw the Goblet of Fire. I found it the best of the movies so far–fast paced and creepy.

This book ended with the first death of a sympathetic character–Cedric Diggory. The next one, the Order of the Phoenix, had the death of Sirius Black. The Half Blood Prince killed Albus Dumbledore. So the question arises: who will die in the seventh and last? Harry himself, as Ross Douthat suggested in our pages? I imagine that one of the central trio of friends, Ron, Hermione or Harry, will have to go. Only a hecatomb of Weasleys would have equivalent emotional weight. Possible apocalyptic theory (shades of Wagner): the realm of magic itself will be wound up.

Other points: is there any way Severus Snape can redeem himself? Will he somehow struggle with Voldemort (as Hitler v. Stalin)?

Remember Wormtail. Harry saved his life in the Chamber of Secrets, I think it was, and Dumbledore remarked that this would have consequences.

Everyone go back to Star Trek now.

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