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As Kathryn said, you can’t make this stuff up. From BuzzFlash, the far-left wing website, comes a new contribution premium: the Cindy Sheehan bucket hat.

In honor of Cindy Sheehan, who favored a khaki “bucket hat” while conducting her vigil in Crawford, Texas, BuzzFlash is offering a new item: an official BuzzFlash version. This is in addition to our already popular BuzzFlash baseball cap…
Great for traveling, gardening, and protesting. You can even pick a few apples and carry them in it!
And the best part is that you will be spreading the BuzzFlash message throughout the land — and the world. So, help us fight ignorance by buying a BuzzFlash bucket hat now.
It’s just $25 — and there’s plenty of time left before that holiday near the end of December.


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