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From the London Times:

“An eye specialist has accepted undisclosed damages after claiming that he was forced out of his job by Muslim colleagues. Joseph Erian took the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust to an employment tribunal, stating that he was made to resign from the ophthalmology department of Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, after staff there discovered that he was a Christian. The tribunal, which started earlier this month, ended when the trust offered an out-of-court settlement and admitted that the problems surrounding Dr Erian’s case “were not his fault”. Dr Erian pursued his claim privately after the British Medical Association refused to back the case, Jane Jelly, his lawyer, said. He brought his case under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003, which make it illegal to discriminate against someone on the grounds of their religion or beliefs.”

That’s Boston, Lincolnshire, by the way, and the name of the hospital only adds to the irony.

It’s noteworthy that the British Medical Association, a bossy, politically correct and generally useless organization that seems to spend most of its time talking nonsense about ‘passive smoking’ would not help Dr Erian. It also noteworthy that, according to other press reports, Dr Erian is Egyptian-born and thus, I presume, a Copt. Could it be that discrimination against the Copts is no longer just confined to Egypt?

Hat-tip Harry.


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