Cnn Sinks Navy

by James S. Robbins

A person who was at Annapolis today sent me the following about the AP photo CNN ran on its web site of Midshipmen asleep in the auditorium before the President’s speech:

This is bias. The mids started arriving at 0630 in the auditorium. Most have barely gotten any sleep because it’s Army-Navy week. Almost all the mids were using the down time to get some rest while they waited the several hours. They were clearly all awake by 9:30 as things started to happen and certain all were awake for the speech.

As everyone who has attended a service academy will tell you, there is nothing more cherished than rack time. But CNN does a disservice to the Naval Academy to imply the mids would sprawl out asleep in the presence of the Commander in Chief. I think CNN owes these fine young Americans an apology.

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