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Re: Homosexuality & The Catholic Church


Rev. Joseph Fessio studied theology under Joseph Ratzinger, now known to the world as Benedict XVI. Father Fessio had this to say on the NewsHour:

Someone who accepts the Church’s teaching that homosexuality is an affective disorder but realizes it’s a disorder he has and suffers under that and accepts it as his cross and unites himself to Christ crucified can be a holy, devout and good priest.

But someone who promotes the gay lifestyle, who is claiming that homosexuality is a gift, is ipso facto dissenting from Church teaching. And we may call him a good priest; he may be compassionate; he may be helping the poor, whatever….But that does not mean he’s teaching what the Church expects him to teach.

A priest, after all, is acting in the name of Christ and in the name of the Church. And if a priest is not going to accept the fundamental teachings of the Church, which includes the hard saying that homosexuality is an objective disorder, then he’s a dissenter; he’s doing a disservice to the Church.


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