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Bad Santa...


strikes in Norway

“Trondheim newspaper Adresseavisen reported that Dennis Berge inadvertently stopped what appeared to be a burglary attempt by Santa Claus on Monday. Berge had taken a nap in the back room of the family flooring business after closing time, and woke up to do a little work at the computer, dressed only in his underpants. He heard the door open, but assumed it was his father. He saw something quite different.”Suddenly Santa Claus was standing there a foot and a half away from me. He was wearing a beard, red cap, red suit and even a black belt,” Berge told Adresseavisen’s website.Santa appeared to be just as shocked as Berge and turned around and ran off. Berge decided not to pursue after realizing he wasn’t dressed.”

There’s not just one, but two, mysteries contained in this story if you stop to think about it, but perhaps it’s best not to think about it.


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