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“What Would Jfk Have Done?”


That’s the question Theodore Sorensen and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. are asking about Iraq. Gosh, I don’t know. Maybe he would have had our allies assassinated? Maneuvered us unnecessarily to the brink of nuclear war?

S&S strike a false note early. “What did we not hear from President Bush when he spoke last week at the United States Naval Academy about his strategy for victory in Iraq?” they begin. “We did not hear that the war in Iraq, already one of the costliest wars in American history, is a running sore.” No, I suppose we didn’t hear that. Nor did the president confess to being a dimwitted, arrogant, narrow-minded fundamentalist. Which he would have had to have done to give the perfect Bush speech, as written by these worthies.

Do S&S persuade anyone that Kennedy would have pulled out of Vietnam, if only he had lived?


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