Rummy On The Msm

by Clifford D. May

Yesterday, I wrote several items for the Corner relating to the MSM’s egregious partisanship, spin and lack of perspective.

Evidently following my example, Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld took up exactly this theme in his speech today at Johns Hopkins.

Key excerpts:

“Recently, a member of the Associated Press Managing Editors Association recounted intense discussions within the A.P. over whether or not their coverage of Iraq has been slanted. … We have arrived at a strange time in this country where the worst about America and our military seems to be so quickly taken as truth by the press and reported and spread around the world — with little or no context or scrutiny — let alone correction or accountability — even after the fact. …

“Recently there were claims by two Iraqis on a speaking tour that U.S. soldiers threw them in a cage with lions. Their charges were widely reported — still without substantiation. Not too long ago, there was a false and damaging story about a Koran supposedly flushed down a toilet, and in the riots that followed people were killed. And a recent New York Times editorial implied America’s armed forces — your armed forces — use tactics reminiscent of Saddam Hussein.

“[W]hile it is easy to use a bombing or a terrorist attack to support a belief that Iraq is a failure, that is not the accurate picture. And further, it is not good journalism. …

“So I suggest to editors and reporters — whose good intentions I take for granted — to do some soul searching. To ask: how will history judge — if it does — the reporting decades from now when Iraq’s path is settled?”

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