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Re: Does Himmelfarb Deserve Better?


Let’s see now. Here is a woman of staggering erudition (if you think you’re well-read in literature, philosophy, culture, etc., etc., a conversation with Gertrude Himmelfarb will disabuse you. Or make you redefine what “well-read” requires). A woman of scrupulous honesty.

Unfailing collegiality. Warm and cheerfully self-deprecating as a person. With a lifetime of distinguished achievement. The kind of person that “civilized” was invented to describe. Ask anyone who knows her, and this is what they’ll tell you. It doesn’t require weeks of investigative reporting.

Does she deserve better? “Nah. Got an interesting email here that says she’s a nincompoop, let’s plop it up on the Corner and let the chips fall where they may.” Something’s wrong here.