Saddam’S Trial

by Clifford D. May

Some excerpts from the testimony of Ahmed Hassan Mohammed:

“There were mass arrests. Women and men. Even if a child was 1-day-old, they used to tell his parents, ‘Bring him with you.” … There were “random arrests in the streets …”

“I saw corpses and bodies of our neighbors. … Some of them we couldn’t even recognize their bodies.”

“I saw women being tortured… My brother was given electric shocks while my 77-year-old father watched. They told us, ‘why don’t you confess, you will be executed anyway.’”

“I swear by God I walked by a room and on my left I saw a grinder with blood coming out of it and human hair underneath.”

“…a woman told a guard that her infant baby needed milk or he would die. He died and the guard threw him from the window. … Pregnant women gave birth in the prison. Their babies died.’”

Now I know none of this is as newsworthy as the possibility that someone slipped an Iraqi editor $100 to run an op-ed. Still I do hope it merits some time on CBS/ABC/NBC/PBS etc.

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