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NR’s acclaimed kids books – you get a set of 3 (Volume Two of The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature, plus The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories, plus Queen Zixi of Ix) for just $29.95 – are a super Christmas gift for any family. We’ll even send it to the lucky recipient, with a handsome note card, all at no extra charge. What are you waiting for?! Order them now, and securely, right here.

FYI, here’s what our good friend, the great Midge Decter, has to say about these super, wholesome books:

‘Treasure’ is the right word to use for these three collections of children’s literature. Indeed, reading through the National Review treasuries is a happy reminder of the time when children were respected as creatures capable of both real thoughts and real imaginings rather than, as they so much are today, no more than a cohort of small and conventionally attitudinizing adults. Indeed, with the Treasuries in tow, parents and children are both apt to begin anticipating bedtime as a whole new adventure.”

You go Midge!