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Cameron Elected


David Cameron, 38, is the new leader of the British Conservative Party, elected in a landslide.

I think this is a positive development all things considered. Cameron is charismatic, articulate and dynamic. The leadership campaign has allowed a genuine discussion of the direction of Conservative philosophy in the UK and has actually made the party appear more united than it has seemed for years, at a time when Tony Blair has faced very public divisions in his own party. Cameron used the campaign to argue strongly in favor of the war in Iraq, in defense of marriage and for the principle that users of services should pay for them directly rather than through taxation. He has the potential now to preside over a revival of conservative fortunes. His back-up team is equally strong, dynamic and young and he should be able to call on all wings of the party to serve in his shadow cabinet.

In my opinion, there hasn’t been a better day to be a British Conservative since 1990.


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