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Subject: Clark


I thought his column was very interesting too, but a couple things bugged me:

It’s odd premise that the historical strategy in the Middle East is for Muslims to “assimilate” their enemies rather than try to destroy them. That doesn’t bear up very well in an examination of recent history- Israel, the Iran-Iraq war, the Kurds, Coptic Christians, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Sudan, Somalia, Kuwait in 1991 etc, etc, etc.

Clark’s “pox on both houses” take that both the Republicans and Democrats are wrong on Iraq struck me as political triangulation.

Why does Clark think Bush is “ignoring” Iran, and what does he think of European efforts in Iran–other than the strange claim that Bush laziness isn’t giving the “international community” enough cover to act on Iran?

Does Clark think a nuclear Iran is unacceptable to a level that military action to prevent such a calamity may be necessary? Who knows from this column. But, who doubts that Clark will pronounce Bush a unilateral war-monger idiot if and when he does act toward Iran.


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