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Bob Beckel Is Flat Wrong


Bob Beckel on Hannity & Colmes makes me want to pull my hair out!

He continues with the same tired, publicly manipulative argument about some American soldiers being sent to Iraq with less training than Iraqi soldiers… then he goes on with – and I paraphrase – “How long does it take to train a soldier? We’ve been training their soldiers for two years.”

First, NO American soldier is being sent to Iraq with less training than an Iraqi soldier. Even if a soldier – in some isolated instance – was sent to Iraq straight out of boot camp, his boot camp experience would be nearly twice as long as the basic training an Iraqi soldier receives, in every instance. And Iraqis are often in combat during their basic training.

Second, IT IS NOT ABOUT TRAINING SOLDIERS at the individual level. That is only a part of the process.

It is about BUILDING AN ARMY, and THAT takes years.

Incidently, I zipped over to his website and found this lovely line:
“Show me a Right Winger and I’ll show you a gutless coward.”