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Re: Cox’s House Seat


Unlikely as it seems, the pro-amnesty crowd will likely try to spin the victory by Campbell (a supporter of the president’s immigration proposals) over Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, as some kind of repudiation by Republican voters of the tight-borders, low-immigration position. But the fact is that Campbell’s proportion of the vote in his overwhelmingly Republican district actually fell slightly from the October 4 open primary, while Gilchrist’s rose 10 points. Given that the vote totals were about the same for the two elections, that means about half the Republicans who didn’t vote for Campbell the first time switched to Gilchrist, while the other half voted for the Democrat. This despite the fact that Gilchrist has very limited skills as campaigner. Far from an endorsement of the GOP establishment’s position on immigration, this should be a warning.