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Newspeak For Eskimos?


A mole up in Montreal sends the following:

I’m waiting for an event on the impact of climate change on Inuits. One very interesting handout is a parallel glossary of climate change terms in English, Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun (one is Inuit rendered phonetically in the Latin alphabet the other uses what I assume is the ‘traditional’ Inuit character set). One imagine it becomes quite easy to convince the locals of the rightness of your position when you get, quite literally, to define all the terms. The glossary was produced by the government of Nunavut and something called Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., but it doesn’t take much time to guess what the backgound and sympathies of their climate change advisors on the project were.

Btw, the title in Inuit is ‘Hilap Aalannguqtirninganut Taiguuhiliqiniq.’
And the West Nile virus is styled ‘Qupanuat Aanniarutaanik Kikturiat Aannialaqhuiyut.’ these terms are undoubtedly easier to use when you aren’t typing them into a PDA.

During the last such gathering, Inuit representatives complained about the effect climate change was having on their ancient way of life in that their snowmobiles kept dropping through the ice.


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