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Do The Jihadis Get Upper Tier Cable?


Every now and then American culture seems to say, “Oh-ho, so you Islamic Fundamentalists think our culture is decadent, do you? Well, have a gander at this!” So now, have that gander at a new series on Bravo called “Party/Party.” (Scroll down a bit on the page.) From the website: “”Party/Party” follows the dramatic lives of 16 diverse families as they put major time, energy, and cash into the planning and preparation of the party to end all parties. Viewers will see a five-year-old’s $10,000 princess party complete with a horse drawn Cinderella carriage, the inspirational wedding ceremony of childhood sweet-hearts reunited after years apart, as well as the most magnificent Bat Mitzvah this side of Jerusalem.” (Jerusalem, of course, being known for its six-figure Bat Mitzvahs.) “The Cortese family is also featured in “Party/Party” as they bring “Club Samatha” to life in celebration of their daughter’s sweet 16. The party will include bouncers, poker tables, and an oxygen bar.” An oxygen bar?! I guess Mrs. Cortese really wants to be a “cool Mom.”


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