by Jonah Goldberg

Warren – Yeah, going by that preview, I’m not encouraged. I don’t know enough about the actual effort to hunt down the Munich terrorists, but it seems to me that, if the trailer is representative, the only defense of Spielberg, is if all of the handwringing and self-doubt he ascribes to the Israelis is an accurate depiction of what really happened. Truth is always a defense. But if this is Spielberg’s imposition, if he’s simply making-up the story that the Israelis felt like they were betraying their civilization and their values then it is a slander. Because that would mean that Spielberg thinks avenging those attacks as an act of self-defense was something Israelis should be ashamed of. I want to give Spielberg the benefit of the doubt and one shouldn’t over-read a trailer. But, I agree: It’s not an encouraging hint of what the movie is about.

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