Hat Tip: Micky

by Richard Brookhiser

Kausfiles has a hilarious subhead on a discussion of 2008 as the best year for Barack Obama to run for the White House: “Alternative view–he accomplishes something first.”

What would that view do to the GOP field? We have John McCain, a man with a noble pre-political career, who has been in the dirigible hanger of the Senate. We have some governors of second tier states, who have floated bond issues, lowered or not lowered or not sufficiently lowered taxes, tangled with their legislatures. They may even have foreign policies! (Condi Rice assured us that Gov. Bush had real foreign policy experience from dealing with Mexico. (If that were the full measure of Bush, bring on Alan Keyes.))

Or we have Rudy Giuliani, who saved his city twice–from crime, which was thought to be impossible, and in the hours and days after 9/11, which were incomprehensible.

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