Re: George Will

by Jonah Goldberg

From a reader:

Good Afternoon Jonah,
If the government is reimbursing people to upgrade their televisions, do I get a VCR voucher? I made the mistake of going with Beta back in the 80’s. How about an exchange for rotary telephones? Hell, can I get a voucher for my car that is now out of date? Where can I get a voucher for some parachute pants and a keyboard print necktie? It will be nice to see the left that usually bemoans the evils of television rally to save their old enemy. I can’t wait for Pelosi to tell us how this will kill starving children.
Me: I want a check for my Atari 2600. (“Why, you still play it everyday?” — The Couch.)

Update: Another reader calls a flag on the play:

The government didn’t pass a law banning Beta, rotary phones, old cars, or unstylish clothing. Well, I guess in way there’s a ban on old cars, with the emissions regulations. In any case, this is a bad analogy, even though I agree that the government ought not be using tax money to buy people televisions or signal converter boxes.

Another flag from another reader:

Where’s my freon subsidy?
Freon was essentially banned and FIY air conditioning recharging is a thing of the past now. Car owners are forced to pay the higher prices of a “trained” mechanic who disposes of the material in accordance w/ the new materials. There are all kinds of “retrofit” systems with “alternative refrigerants”.

I had to drive around in my 1968 Firebird with the windows open once that happened. I couldn’t afford to pay someone…my funds were depleted while I was paying 1.89 a gallon for 100-octane AVGAS as the local airport once leaded gas was outlawed, too! That was another “banning w/o subsidization” example.

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