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Time Running Out


OK, so you’re one of the last-minute procrastinating gift-buyers. And now you’re getting antsy – “I’ve got to send the grandkids something! What am I going to do?!” Do this friend: Order National Review’s set of three acclaimed, wholesome, delightful children’s books. They’re the ideal gift for any child or family. We’ll send it out to you pronto, or if you wish we’ll send the set to the lucky recipient of your Christmas generosity, with a nice announcement card declaring that the set comes with your compliments. The cost? Just $29.95 (this is a fantastic “three-for-one” offer!), and that includes postage. Heck, for just $5.00 more we’ll send it UPS Ground. You can easily and securely order this great gift book set here.

By the way, we’re not the only ones who think our kids books are supreme. Here’s what the great George Will has to say about them:

National Review, having done so much to make government safe for subsequent generations, has now turned its attention to making those rising generations suited to self-government. These treasuries of children’s literature will delight young readers, and improve them without making them aware that anything so annoying is going on.”

Thanks George! Now you all get yourselves to the NR Store and order those books!