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From the BBC:

“Conservative leader David Cameron has set up a policy group on the environment to pave the way for “tough decisions” on cutting greenhouse gas. The group, chaired by ex-Environment Secretary John Gummer and environmentalist Zac Goldsmith, will look at “quality of life” issues.”

Hopefully, this will be bogus, but this splendidly acid commentary over from Helen at EU Referendum gives cause for concern:

“John Gummer, he of the BSE debacle and that famous hamburger, is at the head of the policy group on the environment. He will be advised by Zac Goldsmith, another rich little boy who plays at being a farmer, while living off the trust set up for him by his entrepreneurial daddy. Goldsmith, incidentally, believes that it is globalization, that is trade, that has made people poor. Clearly, nobody has told him that countries that millions of people in South-East Asia have been climbing out of poverty as their countries have opened up their economies. Presumably, Mr Goldsmith and Mr Gummer will not be campaigning against the protectionist European policies that are pushing many developing countries further into poverty. Before anybody pulls me up on this, I am aware of the fact that Zac Goldsmith preens himself on his supposed eurosceptic credentials. Unfortunately, he opposes the EU for the wrong reasons, seeing it as another globalizing, free-market institution.”

Mr Murray?


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