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A Moment of Truth...


…from a diplomat. Good Heavens!

I’ve spared visitors to the Corner the twists and turns of the current debate over the EU budget. Suffice to say it has been a nightmare. Now take a look at what (in a leaked email) the British ambassador to Poland thinks about the matter.

Here’s part of what he thinks Blair should say:

“I am being asked to give more UK taxpayers money to an EU which for years can not produce properly audited accounts. Mon ami Jacques with the support of most of you is nagging me to give the EU more money while the refusing to surrender an inch or even a centimetre on the CAP – a programme which uses inefficient transfers of taxpayers money to bloat rich French landowners and so pump up food prices in Europe, thereby creating poverty in Africa, which we then fail to solve through inefficient but expensive aid programmes. The most stupid, immoral state-subsidised policy in human history, give or take Communism. As for the new member states, we like you so much that we are proposing in the Budget a huge new transfer of funds to you on a scale which will give your people the greatest boost in 1000 years. I will be attacked by my scary new teenage Tory opposition for building roads and hospitals in Poland and Hungary, rather than in poor areas of the UK. We – unlike most other old EU MS sitting here – have opened our labour markets. HMG have created more jobs for Poles in the past year than the Polish Government. Yet not one of you nor a single newspaper in any of your capitals has expressed a single word of gratitude or appreciation for the UK position in all this. So much for solidarity.Shame on you all. Enough is enough.”

And will Blair have the courage, integrity, patriotism and decency to say it?

Perhaps. Shortly after Hell freezes over.


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