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Health Mullahs


Well, this was inevitable…

“ONE of Britain’s leading surgeons has called on the government to introduce curbs on the sale of alcohol, limiting the amount that customers can consume per visit to a pub or bar. John Smith, president of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, believes that such restrictions would be the logical next step to improving the nation’s health following the ban on smoking in public buildings.

Smith believes regulations in Britain could save lives while cutting alcohol-related illnesses and violent crime. “

Shove it, Smith.

But this (reported in the Chicago Sun-Times) is truly quite remarkable even for our dreary, over-controlled age:

“Whole milk and many sports drinks could not be sold in Illinois public schools during the school day under new rules proposed Friday by the state Board of Education. Though whole milk was a staple in schools for years, nutritionists now view it as too high in fat except for very young children, state officials said.”

Milk? Milk is a junk food? Now, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if low fat milk is indeed better for children than whole milk, but I’d be astonished if the corollary of that was that whole milk is actually bad for them.

There’s a clear danger too that these over-officious officials are making the perfect the enemy of the good. The problem with low-fat milk is that it tastes like, well, water. If we want children to drink fewer sodas (something that seems like a good idea), the alternatives are going to have to, you know, taste good. I doubt if low fat milk will do the trick.

Hat-tip: The Sensible Mom. She’s not impressed.


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