Lieberman’s “Schtick”

by Jonah Goldberg

Sam Rosenfeld has a revealing post about Joe Lieberman over at Tapped. He uses words like “antics” and “schtick” to describe Lieberman’s position on the war, suggesting — though not quite saying — that Lieberman’s views amount to superficial or frivlous self-aggrandizing gamesmanship. This is interesting for a couple reasons. First, most conservatives I know considered Lieberman’s behavior as Gore’s VP to be the real schtick. He held a fire sale on positions he had for years in order to toe the line.

Moreover, the liberal-left’s discussion of Lieberman tracks very closely the sorts of conversations conservatives often have about McCain while liberals salute McCain as a heroic statesman of pure principle. Isn’t it interesting how perceptions of mavericks mirror each other?

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