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Announcing The Complete Archives -- 50years of Nr Now Available Only At Nro


What were NR’s major articles on Taiwan, Khrushchev, smoking, immigration, civil rights, the Shroud of Turin? What was James Burnham’s take on Henry Kissinger? Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s assessment of population control? Did NR ever review Confederacy of Dunces? (Yes) Portnoy’s Complaint? (Yes) The Color Purple? (Book, no; movie, yes). Did Bill Buckley ever write about fish? (Yes-Stanley!) Whatever you’re looking for, every single word of NR, from Volume 1, Number 1, through 2004, has been scanned, formatted, and placed in an easily accessible and affordable archive for you. Whether you’re doing research, or just plain curious, a half century of conservative orthodoxy, commentary, analysis, and assessment await you, right here . Let the searching begin!


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