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Great Nr Gifts, and The Right Way to Get Them


You’ve heard about our books ad infinitum. And of course, you’re going to order a set of our 3 kids titles (only $29.95) because they make a great Christmas gift for the grandkids, the nieces and nephews and godchildren and even that nice boy that shovels your walk. You can do that here . Now, a little advice on shipping. While we mail free via U.S.P.S. “media” rate, at this point Uncle Sam can’t promise delivery by Christmas (by that means). But for $5 (we lose money on this), NR will send your package by UPS Ground, thereby guaranteeing delivery in plenty of time to beat Santa’s arrival. We’ve played around on the UPS website to calculate delivery time, and here’s what we found: any package shipped today to the West Coast, Southwest, and Northwest will arrive by the 21st; Texas and Mountain State destinations will have a December 20th delivery date; Florida and Illinois destinations are Monday the 19th; closer to NYC – such as Ohio and Pennsylvania and North Carolina – it’s this Friday, the 16th; and if you’re in Boston your package will arrive tomorrow. So visit the NR Gift Shop , get some great conservative gifts, and send them on their merry way knowing that they’ll get there for Christmas!


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