Geek Heaven

by Jonah Goldberg

I don’t think many of you can appreciate how jazzed I am about NR’s new 50 year digital archive. To give you one indication of how psyched I am, Jack didn’t ask me to say any of this.

I love this thing (though I wish downloaded PDFs were text-searchable like at the New Republic).

Last night I downloaded every article ever written in NR mentioning Eric Voegelin. How cool am I? This is iTunes for conservative geeks.

Seriously, I love old magazines. For the book, I’ve been pouring through old New Republics for about a year and I’ve always thought how awesome it would be if NR had the same thing. Now it does. You can be sure that future columns will have many more references to old issues in the future: “We all remember when Wilmoore Kendall wrote in NR back in 1963 that ….” and the like.

Taking the Nestea plunge into geekdom….

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