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Mormons For Prez, Pt. 2


Here are a few lines from my NRODT story on Romney, with respect to his Mormonism:

“In a GOP primary, the surrogates of other Republican candidates probably will emphasize Mormonism’s doctrinal oddities, such as its claims about extra-Biblical revelation. There’s no telling how this will play out, though one expert on evangelical politics suspects that it might amount to little. ‘I think evangelicals will put aside theological differences if they believe someone’s on the right side of the culture war,’ says Michael Cromartie of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. ‘Voters will care more about what a candidate believes about gay marriage.’ It’s even possible to think that Romney’s Mormonism could become a hidden asset, giving him access both to funds from around the country and to votes in states such as Arizona (where many Mormons live).”


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