Hate Mail

by Jonah Goldberg

This one is pretty evocative but it contains material I simply can’t/won’t repeat in the Corner. So some portions have been redacted and others euphemized for the sake of the children:

Subject: Why you’re sh**scum

Dear Jonah:

Congratulations on becoming yet another beneficiary of the GOP media intimidation-driven affirmative action policy for sub-mediocre, reactionary dipsh**s. Thanks to your stormtroopers terrorizing outlets such as the LA Times, once a week we are subjected to your sycophantic bowell evacuations that pass for thought on the right, and which would otherwise be found only in love notes to the $2,000 a night Beltway call girls you actually think aren’t laughing about you when you’re not around.

Speaking of slatterns, how is that [long, scatalogical and sexually explicit inquiry into my mother's well being]?

Anyway, keep skaking your flabby right-wing a**. Maybe you’ll hit it really big and become one of Rupert Murdoch’s bitches. If you want him pimpin’ ya, you’d better have Sean Hannity teach you not to cry when old Rupert [completes a homosexual-rape transaction].

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