Politicizing Defense Appropriations? That’s “Disgusting”!

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Why did Senator McCain have so much leverage as he imposed on the President his Al Qaeda Bill of Rights (aka, the McCain Amendment, which rewards the terrorists trying to kill us all with U.S. Constitutional rights)? Because he succeeded in attaching it to the Defense Appropriations bill, meaning a veto would have slashed provisions for our troops in wartime.

Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, who chairs the Appropriations Committee, obviously sees this as a pretty effective tactic. So he is now attaching to the Defense Appropriations bill his own amendment to allow oil drilling Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

What does the straight-talking Arizona maverick think of that? Here’s from this morning’s WPost: “Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) also sharply criticized Stevens’s effort as ‘disgusting.’ But asked how he would vote on such a bill, McCain said: ‘That’s the dilemma. I’d have to look at the whole bill. I think it’s disgraceful that I have to be put in that position.’”

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