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Apocalypse From Now On


Mick Hume of The Times has a merciless column on professional environmental
. The current cries of woe in the UK realte to a massive explosion at an oil facility near London that released a massive dark cloud. Unfortunately for the doom-mongers and fortunately for everyone else, the cloud did little damage. As Mick points out, 100 people died in London as recently as 1962 from the effects of real smog.

Of course, reality won’t stop the doom-mongers. Mick points out:

What we are living through is not Apocalypse Now but, as Susan Sontag, the American critic, described it, a mood of “Apocalypse from now on” — a sense of impending doom that never seems to arrive.
Every time the worst-case scenario fails to materialise, the professional fatalists caution about invisible “long-term” effects; thus a leading environmentalist reassures that, however little harm the Buncefield smoke has done, “over the long term it poses a cancer hazard”.
Hence, of course, the attraction of long-term worries, like “catastrophic” global warming. You can make a healthy living off fanning fear. Yet it’s those of us who try to allay fears that are called parasites or worse. It’s a funny old world.


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