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Bought With Blood


Here is an admirably honest take on the McCain amendment from David Ignatius:

“Some advocates of the torture ban have argued that we’re not really giving anything up, because torture never works. If that were true, this wouldn’t be a genuine moral choice. But in fact, America will lose some leverage in interrogations. There’s no escaping the reality that people may die in future terrorist attacks because we have opted for a moral choice.”

So all the moral preening might come at the cost of the blood of Americans. I think it was worth re-affirming the illegality of torture and tightening up our practices, but that could have been done without erasing all distinctions and all common-sense, as McCain did. I hope David Igantius and others have the courage of their convictions and are willing, if it comes to that, to write columns telling American families that the loss of their loved ones was worth it, so we could make a very clear statement about our values to the “international community.”


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