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Will There Be An Investigation?


One obvious issue raised by today’s New York Times story is that there appears to have been another leak of classified information that might affect national security. As observers of the Patrick Fitzgerald CIA leak investigation know, our national security agencies take such leaks very seriously; indeed, not long ago a CIA source told National Review that the agency had referred the “secret prisons” story from the Washington Post to the Justice Department for investigation as a possible leak of classified information. Now, it seems likely that the National Security Agency will refer the New York Times story to the Justice Department as well, but the NSA, true to its reputation, isn’t saying. “We have no information to provide,” an NSA spokesman told National Review Online. “We do not discuss actual or alleged operational issues.” It also remains to be seen whether Democrats, as particularly strong supporters of the Fitzgerald investigation, will call for a probe into the New York Times leak.


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