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Farewell to The Earl of Kimberley


The last Brit obit, I promise–but, having once found this in my inbox, how could I possibly have failed to pass it along?

From the Telegraph, with thanks, once again, to the Corner’s chaplain.

The Earl of Kimberley

The 4th Earl of Kimberley, who has died aged 78, achieved a measure
of fame as the most-married man in the peerage; once known as “the
brightest blade in Burke’s”, he worked his way through five wives in
25 years before settling down contentedly with a former masseuse he
had met on a beach in Jamaica….

There was a serious side to him too: he played championship
tiddlywinks, bred prize pigs, and as a Liberal spokesman in the Lords
advised the electorate to vote Conservative, whereupon David (now
Lord) Steel sacked him. Once on the Tory benches, he took a keen
interest in defence and foreign policy, although not in social
reform. “Queers,” he declared, “have been the downfall of all the
great empires….”

“Sex. I just couldn’t think of anything else,” he [once] recalled…. He
claimed among his conquests Eartha Kitt and Glynis Johns, and even
tipped his hat at Princess Margaret, though she declined the honour.
One night, he was caught naked by an irate husband in a hotel cupboard.


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